Celebrity Actress Mindy Kaling

Happy Birthday to Celebrity Actress Mindy Kaling. I loved her the Film Ocean’s 8(2018). As Amita and in The Tv Series tv show, The Office ¬†(2005-2013 as Kelly Kapoor. Mindy Kaling known for her films in:

Late Night


Molly Patel

Ocean’s Eight




(TV Series 2018)

Priya (5 episodes, 2018)

A Wrinkle in Time


Mrs. Who

Jay Z: Family Feud ft. Beyoncé

(Video short 2018)

The Mindy Project

(TV Series 2012-2017)

Mindy Lahiri (117 episodes, 2012-2017)


(TV Series 2017)

Sandy (1 episode, 2017)

The Muppets.

(TV Series 2015)

Mindy Kaling (1 episode, 2015)

The Night Before



Riley’s First Date?

(Video short 2015)

Disgust (voice)

HitRECord on TV

(TV Series 2015)

Bella Obscura (1 episode, 2015)

Inside Out


Disgust (voice)

This Is the End


Mindy Kaling

The Office

(TV Series 2005-2013)

Kelly Kapoor (161 episodes, 2005-2013)

The Mindy Project: The Morgan Project

(Short 2013)

Mindy Lahiri

Wreck-It Ralph


Taffyta Muttonfudge (voice)

The Five-Year Engagement



The Office: The Girl Next Door

(TV Series 2011)

Kelly Kapoor (2 episodes, 2011)

No Strings Attached



The Office: The 3rd Floor

(TV Series 2010)

Kelly Kapoor (3 episodes, 2010)

Despicable Me


Tourist Mom (voice)

The Office: The Mentor

(TV Series 2010)

Kelly Kapoor (3 episodes, 2010)

The Office: Subtle Sexuality

(TV Series 2009)

Kelly Kapoor (3 episodes, 2009)

The Office: Blackmail

(TV Series 2009)

Kelly Kapoor (1 episode, 2009)

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian



The Office: The Outburst

(TV Series 2008)

Kelly Kapoor (2 episodes, 2008)

House Poor

(TV Series 2008)


Global Warming

(TV Series 2008)


License to Wed



Unaccompanied Minors


Restaurant Hostess

Curb Your Enthusiasm

(TV Series 2005)

Richard Lewis’s Assistant (1 episode, 2005)

The 40-Year-Old Virgin