Celebrity Actress Jaclyn Smith

Happy Birthday to Celebrity Actress Jaclyn Smith known for her films in:

Jaclyn Smith Poster

Jaclyn Smith

Actress (54)

Bridal Wave

(TV Movie 2015)

Felice Hamilton

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

(TV Series 2012)

Olivia Hodges (2 episodes, 2012)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

(TV Series 2010)

Susan Delzio (1 episode, 2010)

Ordinary Miracles

(TV Movie 2005)

Kay Woodbury

Hope & Faith

(TV Series 2004)

Dr. Anne Osvath (2 episodes, 2004)

The District

(TV Series 2002-2004)

Vanessa Cavanaugh (13 episodes, 2002-2004)

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle


Kelly Garrett (uncredited)


(TV Series 2000-2001)

Megan (2 episodes, 2000-2001)


(TV Series 2000)

Jaclyn Smith (1 episode, 2000)

Navigating the Heart

(TV Movie 2000)

Edith Iglauer

Three Secrets

(TV Movie 1999)


Free Fall


Renee Brennan

Before He Wakes

(TV Movie 1998)

Bridget Smith Michaels

Married to a Stranger

(TV Movie 1997)

Megan Potter

My Very Best Friend

(TV Movie 1996)


Cries Unheard: The Donna Yaklich Story

(TV Movie 1994)

Donna Yaklich

Family Album

(TV Series 1994)

Faye Price Thayer (2 episodes, 1994)

Love Can Be Murder

(TV Movie 1992)

Elizabeth Bentley

Nightmare in the Daylight

(TV Movie 1992)

Megan Lambert

In the Arms of a Killer

(TV Movie 1992)

Maria Quinn

The Rape of Doctor Willis

(TV Movie 1991)

Kate Willis

Lies Before Kisses

(TV Movie 1991)

Elaine Sanders


(TV Movie 1990)

Hilary Walker

Christine Cromwell

(TV Series 1989-1990)

Christine Cromwell (4 episodes, 1989-1990)

Settle the Score

(TV Movie 1989)

Katherine Whately

The Bourne Identity

(TV Mini-Series 1988)

Marie St. Jacques (2 episodes, 1988)

Windmills of the Gods

(TV Mini-Series 1988)

Mary Ashley (2 episodes, 1988)

Rage of Angels: The Story Continues

(TV Movie 1986)

Jennifer Parker

Déjà Vu


Brooke / Maggie

Florence Nightingale

(TV Movie 1985)

Florence Nightingale

The Night They Saved Christmas

(TV Movie 1984)

Claudia Baldwin

George Washington

(TV Mini-Series 1984)

Sally Fairfax (3 episodes, 1984)

Sentimental Journey

(TV Movie 1984)

Julie Ross-Gardner

Rage of Angels

(TV Movie 1983)

Jennifer Parker

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy

(TV Movie 1981)

Jacqueline Kennedy

Charlie’s Angels

(TV Series 1976-1981)

Kelly Garrett / Dana Cameron (110 episodes, 1976-1981)



Katherine Atwell

The Users

(TV Movie 1978)

Elena Scheider

Escape from Bogen County

(TV Movie 1977)

Maggie Bowman

The Love Boat

(TV Series 1977)

Janette Bradford (1 episode, 1977)

The San Pedro Beach Bums

(TV Series 1977)

Kelly Garrett (1 episode, 1977)

Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color

(TV Series 1976)

Cathy Martin (2 episodes, 1976)

The Whiz Kid and the Carnival Caper

(TV Movie 1976)

Cathy Martin

The Rookies

(TV Series 1975)

Judy March (1 episode, 1975)


(TV Series 1975)

Ali / Ally McGuinness (3 episodes, 1975)

Get Christie Love!

(TV Series 1975)

Sari Lancaster (1 episode, 1975)


(TV Series 1973-1975)

Margaret Hart / Jackie Rogers (2 episodes, 1973-1975)

Fools, Females and Fun

(TV Movie 1974)

Susan Cole



Sally Fannie Tatum

Oh, Nurse!

(TV Movie 1972)


(TV Movie 1972)

Brunette Stewardess (uncredited)

The Partridge Family

(TV Series 1970)

Tina (1 episode, 1970)

The Adventurers


Belinda – Journalist

Goodbye, Columbus


Wedding Guest (uncredited)