Celebrity Actress Sally Field

Happy Birthday  to Celebrity Actress Sally Field.  I loved her in the Film  Steel Magnolias (1989),  Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) and Smokey and the Bandit films. Sally Field known for her films in:

Steel Wreath

(TV Movie 1971)


Marriage: Year One

(TV Movie 1971)

Jane Duden

Marcus Welby, M.D.

(TV Series 1971)

Jan Wilkins / June Wilkins (1 episode, 1971)


(TV Movie 1971)

Roselle Bridgeman

Maybe I’ll Come Home in the Spring

(TV Movie 1971)

Denise ‘Dennie’ Miller

Bracken’s World

(TV Series 1970)

Jenny Marsh (1 episode, 1970)

The Flying Nun

(TV Series 1967-1970)

Sister Bertrille / Elsie Ethrington (82 episodes, 1967-1970)

The Way West


Mercy McBee

Hey, Landlord

(TV Series 1967)

Bonnie Banner (4 episodes, 1967)

Occasional Wife

(TV Series 1966)

Nancy Zogerdorfer (1 episode, 1966)


(TV Series 1965-1966)

Gidget (32 episodes, 1965-1966)

Moon Pilot


Beatnik Girl in Lineup (uncredited)